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Administrative Staff
Name Title Telephone No.

E-mail Address

Ms. YUNG Kit-ching, Peony Head/LRC 2436-8419 pyun@vtc.edu.hk
Mr Benjamin Yoong Senior Ed. Tech. Officer 2436-8431 benyoong@vtc.edu.hk
Miss Annie Kwok Assistant Librarian 2436-8421 amkkwok@vtc.edu.hk
Mr Ted Fung Assistant Librarian 2436-8498 tedfung@vtc.edu.hk
Mr Brian Liu Senior Officer 2436-8371  brianliu@vtc.edu.hk
Mr WONG Lok Man Officer 2436-8366 lokman@vtc.edu.hk
Photo Photo Album of IVE(TY) Campus (VTC access only)
Circulation Counter
Postal Address

Alistair Harvey Learning Resources Centre
20 Tsing Yi Road,
Tsing Yi Island, N.T., Hong Kong.

E-mail Address ty-lrc@vtc.edu.hk
Telephone No. 2436-8500
Fax No. 2434-7022
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