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Alumni Services

  • Admission to the LRC
    • Holders of one of the VTC Alumni Card, VTC Visa Card or Borrower’s Ticket ($300 annual fee applies) can enter the LRC to enjoy the services provided by the Centre.
  • Services Provided
    • Alumni can enjoy reading of library materials, newspaper, magazines; printing and photocopying (Octopus card required); use of computer equipment and general enquiry services inside the LRC. However, borrowing of notebook computers and other AV equipment as well as booking of group discussion rooms will not be provided. In addition, alumni have to apply for a borrower’s ticket before they can borrow books from the LRC. Please refer to information below for details.
  • Obtain your Library Borrower's Ticket (Graduate)
    All graduates who have completed VTC courses which are at least of one-year duration of graduation may apply for an IVE/THEi/YC LRCs borrower's ticket.
    • Application form may be obtained either
      a) at any Circulation Counter of the IVE/THEi/YC LRCs or
      b) by downloading at [PDF] or
      c) by sending a stamped self-addressed envelope to one of the IVE/THEi/YC LRCs .
    • The applicant should make the application at the IVE/THEi/YC LRCs of the campus from which the applicant graduated. Please refer the Application Procedure for more information.
  • Borrowing Privilege
    • Loan quota of 5 items of books for loan period of 4 weeks (8 weeks maximum loan period with renewals).
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