Important Information on the Print Quota System (PQS)

The Print Quota System (PQS) is to provide TY students with a better printing service in the TY Alistair Harvey Learning Resources Centre (LRC) for studying and learning.

All TY students are allocated a print quota for 500 B/W OR 71 COLOR (A4 size) pages in the beginning of each academic year for use in TY campus only. One COLOR page is equivalent to 7 B/W pages. The students should:

  1. Firstly log in with his/her Computer and Network Account (CNA) before using the System.
  2. Choose print queue PrintQuota(MONO) or PrintQuota(COLOR) for PQS B/W or COLOR printing respectively.
  3. Get the print jobs from any one of the Fuji-Xerox PQS photocopiers on L4 or L5 with his/her student card.

If there are any questions, please consult the staff in the Alistair Harvey Learning Resources Centre (LRC).

To ensure efficient utilization of resources in TY, the PQS quota should NOT be used to print out blank sheets of paper in order to simply obtain the paper for other uses. If found, the remaining quota of the student concerned will be cancelled for the entire period of study in TY.